Saturday, October 19, 2013

Starting a new! :)

Eating Clean.
Trying new recipes.
Mastering nail designs.
Making Christmas presents.

Loving Life.

Ok so I started watching nail art videos and want to Play!!  So tomorrow The gf and I are going to the dollar tree so I can get Cheap Nail polish for a dollar so I can make my own nail stripers, Dotting tool, and Nail polish remover jar. :)

I got my first Ipsy Bag in the mail a couple day's ago.
OMG I love it!!  :)

The samples are Great sizes and I love the bag!!  You have to decorate it so Star gave me a great Idea to Crochet on it so I am going to Crochet a border and sew on some crochet hearts or flowers! i'm excited! :)

So far I Love the h2o+ Hydrating Treatment. It feels so refreshing and smooth. I think it would be a great product for People who go to the beach a lot, I would Pop this into your ice chest and use it when you are leaving the beach rinse your face with a cleansing wipe then let the Hydrating marine botanicals rapidly replenish depleted skin and fill surface lines with a surge of moisture, (or pop it in the fridge when you leave to the beach then when come home relax and refresh!) Talk about refreshing!  Or since I'm in Colorado I should suggest to those who are Out in the snow a lot The Multivitamins A and E help skin resist daily damage from environmental stress. I'm happy with this product, especially since it's getting very cold here in Colorado, Snow is just around the corner. And my face needs the hydration! h2o+ you get a hells yeah And a Gold Star in my book!

Next Was the OFRA lipgloss Plumper in Sultry.... LOVE! It has a reddish Purple Tint to it and It tingles but not too much! I've ad Plumpers before that Burn so bad I can't even wear then out the door. But this one I Great it has like a Tingly cooling feeling and It looks great!  It has a nice sparkle to it and a little goes a long way!  Totally recommend it! I'm like it so much I'm Going to look for it in other colors :). This Tingly lil fella gets two thumbs up!!!  :)

My New Zoya Polish in Mason. BEAUTIFUL color can't wait to try it out! But so far I' in love with the color already! it matches the Lipgloss with It's reddish purple tint!

 Style Sexy hair Spray Clay by Sexy Hair!  I like this I mean it's probably a product I'd give to my mom Because she has thin hair that she has problems controlling. I still love it but since I have thick it doesn't really do what I need. This would be great for Pixie cuts and Crazy do's! I'm going to try it on my Fringe tomorrow and see if it holds them in place all day! Fingers crossed!

Last but not least Coconut & Argan body Lotion By Nourish Organic (food for healthy skin).
It is a great hydrator, it's non-greasy, absorbs quickly and feels very soft on my skin. Star doesn't like how Potent the Coconut scent is and that's cause the woman loves coconuts. I like it but I probably won't buy another one when I run out. 


In other news MY SISTER IN LAW HAD the babies!! Beautiful Baby girls Abigale Jesse and Dylan Josefina! And I can't wait to meet them! <3

That is all for today.. Going to Sip on some hot Tea Crochet and watch a movie with my Loving Star!

Till tomorrow!
Sweet sleep.

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