Thursday, October 24, 2013

LIving and Loving The Life!!

Hello ALL!! :) 

Yesterday we went healthy shopping! So we can make a Healthy Homemade dessert.. 
Sprouts                                   King Soopers (my Colorado H.E.B.)
We Decided to make a Strudel out of the cookbook! It was amazing we needed:
Ya'ya's apple strudel
  • Fillo dough        (12 pieces cut in half length wise to make 24 )
  • Apples (Fuji)     ( Cut in thin 1/8th slices.)
  • Lemons              (2tsp zest 1tbsp juice)
  • Crasins               (3\4th cups)
  • Crushed Toasted Hazelnuts
  • Cinnamon and sugar.
  • Safflower or sunflower oil (1/4 cup)
and we topped it with a vegan cream sauce that had:
  • Firm silken tofu  (one package can be found in the Asian section)
  • maple syrup        (1\3 cup)
  •  vanilla                (1 tbsp.)
  • and we added Cinnamon ;)   (as much as needed for taste)
  1. Putt all sauce ingredients in a food processor and Blend till smooth!
Here's the result.
 we layered it 4 fillo's, brush with oil, sprinkle chestnuts, layer apples, add crasins, and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and repeated that 3 times.
 This was the finishing product after it came out of the oven for 25mins @ 375
Serve it warm and drizzle with the cream sauce OMG it was amazing!!  You have to fight yourself to not eat the whole thing ;)
~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok today I didn't go to the gym due to my back having spasms.... DUE to my gf trying to kill me I mean motivate me during our workouts lol
  so I stayed home and Played with My polish, watched SVU on Netflix, and put heat on my back.

When my woman got home from the gym she decided we should go out for dinner.. WATERCOURSE!!!  Love that place I had Benedict... So good!!!
It was pouched eggs on top of Fried green tomatoes all topped with their hollandaise sauce (veto the Brie) I'm not eating dairy at the moment :) Brown rice and a Arugula strawberry salad... AMAZING!
We are on this Clean diet for a month we are doing real good actually :) I'm very proud of Us. There is nothing I can't do as long as I have my Star Motivating me!  So the diet is No bread, No Pasta, Gluten, or Dairy.  So far so good!!  6 day's down!!  :) and I've already lost 2 pounds!!  Yay me!! 
Oh after dinner we went to Walmart (my bright idea) we bought DVD's and I bought crochet books to help me with my Christmas presents :) then we came home and watched PETER PAN!! flushed away, and THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER!!   and I painted Star's nails :)  She's so great!!  She motivates me so much!
What can I say she's a keeper... since day one!!
~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~

So my new hobby.... NAIL ART! :) 

I'm going crazy on Pinterest pinning all these cool designs. I also found a Couple great Youtube Channels:
CutePolish  and MissJenFABULOUS   

Check out my Practice Runs....

 This is my First attempt EVER lol it's SUPPOSED to be a dream catcher and feathers.
 Galaxy Nails I did on myself this was my second attempt...
 THEN I got glitter nail polish and Practiced on My Girlfriend. She's gunna look AMAZING 2morrow at the gym lifting weights with these AWESOME Galaxy nails hehe.
These are the Colors I used. MissJenFABULOUS has these galaxy nails as a tutorial... I added some stuff of my own. So I started actually from Right to left
Next time I'll take step by step pictures of the routine... Still new to this blog thing lol
Farwell for now Amores
Have sweet sleep..
Until Next time...


  1. Star is so wonderful and supportive. Eating clean with her around is easy to do because her enthusiasm is so contagious!

    I am impressed by your nail art. Painting nails without smudging them before they dry or making sure the entire nail bed is painting are both tasks alone. The designs in the post are quite inspiring. xoxoxoxo

  2. haha Yes it is easy to eat clean with star UNLESS Monkey decides she wants chocolate or Popsicle lol Other then that yes she is my motivation and my encouragement.

    I must say It is so much easier to do nail art on someone else then on myself lol.

    Follow my blog and I'll keep you updated on all my fancy nail designs.. I'm going to do Bridgets nails for her birthday and Gina and Thia's just for practice and fun! :) (And probably Star's toes :P)