Saturday, November 23, 2013

November Is here!! :)

Hello All!! :)  been a while since I've Written to you!

November is here!! :)

So end of October real quick.. I painted my nails and to match I dressed as Frankenstein's... sister ;)  and handed out candy.  I also did Star's makeup and she looked like her brother with a beard and stash :) I did quiet a good job it freaked me out lol

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now on to November!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Starts with my visit to Austin <3 I missed my family and friends so much!  I got to see Brency and Yasmine :) they took me to Mothers cafe and garden It is a great Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant Star and I LOVE IT! :) I had the Chile Reyeno with Vegan cheese! OMG it was Yummmmmy!

Then they dropped me off at my brother and sister-in-laws house where I got to meet one of my two new nieces Dylan Josefina! :)  She is so darn precious!!  I could not get enough of her she melted my heart! she is Beautiful!
 Oh I dont want to fail to mention that Bonnie was so excited she ripped open her head... for the SECOND TIME!  ugh I took her to the Vet so they can close her up OMG this picture doesn't even begin to describe the image like this picture is nothing compared to the real thing poor baby.  Fyi she is doing great now :) all stitched up! 

I fell in love with little Dylan she has the silliest faces and is so ADORABLE!   Rachel wrapped her in one of the blankets I made for the twins and OMG She was so stinkin cute!

Then I got to meet The Garza Super Girl Abigale Jesse! <3 
 Abbi has the sweetest smile and the strongest heart! She is so strong! My sweet Girl!

 I have three Beautiful nieces now and they are all so Amazing! I can't wait to move back to austin so I can be the best Tia Mary EVER!!

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FRIENDS!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I was in Austin I also go to see My HoodRat Vanessa! and her little man Jaedyn he is quiet a kid :) He'll do as my adopted nephew lol. 
Can't wait to move back and hang out with my bestie more!! EEK Sushi and saki dates!

RICE AND BEANS UNITE!!!   I love my rice and bean! We went to Kerby and caught up. 
OOH and might I mention Kerby lane is taking off anything vegan which I think is outrageous! they don't want to be associated with being "vegan" they are just a Diner,  hello you are a restaurant in AUSTIN and there are a lot of vegan's who live there. I'm not Vegan but I do have Vegan friends and I don't think taking off the Vegan options cause 'you want to serve more meat options cause you aren't a vegan restaurant' is ridiculous. Just my opinion.

On a happier note I made Mole' for my sister-in-law and I made Menudo for my Big brother! :) it's like a must now. I think my menudo needs some work but he loves it. :)

So far November has put a great big smile on my face it just makes me excited for December!! but first... TURKEY!!!  I mean.... Thanksgiving :) 

Till Next time my loves! Enjoy November and Get ready for thanksgiving!! :) 

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