Sunday, November 24, 2013

Colorado I'm back!! :)

Back in Colorado and It snows the next morning! How beautiful! 
I wake up to these beauties! <3
 Hello Colorado Snow!!  I loved it!!  my car.... not so much lol this is the first time my tardis see's snow! I don't think he liked it very much lol.
 Ok so I took the picture on the left and my google+ app decided to make it actually snow in the picture on the right! cool huh! :)
 Ok so since it was cold and my Texas baby Melody was SO SCARED! she had no idea what it was and followed Kiki around cause she was making a path. It was cute. Sooooo I had to make her a sweater! :) 

Castle Rock Star Lighting Ceremony
It was Beautiful we stopped at Safeway and grabbed some kettle corn and some Starbucks hot chocolates! <3  it was a great experience to watch the smile on my love's face when the fireworks went off. we didn't get to see them for 4th of July so this definitely made up for it! 

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 This Woman I tell you she is so Great. she is Crazy special to me and makes me so happy I can say I am truly blessed to have her!

Sweet sleep Loves till next time! 

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