Thursday, April 10, 2014

March Update! :) Great month!

 March Goodness!
 Ok so first things first! I did a little shopping :)  All this under $50 it's a combination of Rue21 and Target goodies! 
Tons of Spaghetti strap shirts buy one at $9.99 and get one at $4. 
Fuzzy SUPER SOFT leopard PJ pants!  I think they were around $7.
Fell in LOVE with my new Aztec printed Pencil skirt! $4. 
My new AMAZING leopard print Boots!!  LAST PAIR MY SIZE. $10 :) 
And awesome Neon looking Graffiti nail polishes $2 
And last but not least 4 new pairs of Tights. In a Lovely variety of colors. each one under $4.

Someone's Mommy got him a Kite!!!
We went to the park and Boy did he have fun!  I love my job nannying it has it's happy moments! 
The best Time of my week is always Date time with my Beautiful Star!
We absolutely LOVE Native Foods Cafe!
Amazing Vegan Carrot cake cupcakes with Vegan cream cheese frosting!
Fair Trade coffee and great flavorful Chai Tea! 
OMG so get this, I sent an Email to Native Foods headquarters and I told them That they would do GREAT in Austin. Austin has an amazing open mind to new food locations. Especially Vegan and all natural restaurants. And you know what they said....

We’ll be there soon…..

 Eat Peace!
Ahhhhh!!!  This Made my Month! I swear if native foods put up roots in Austin I would be in heaven! 
We took my mom to eat there and Ok so Native foods is strictly a Vegan restaurant. Love it! She CLAIMS that she thought it was chicken lol she is such a liar. I told her it wasn't but anyways.. She ate the whole thing ... AND LIKED IT!  so if my mom can enjoy Vegan food ANYONE can!! :) Here is to fingers crossed that they move to Austin soon! 

 Dates with my love are AMAZING! We had a random date at Noodles and Company and It was a GREAT day with AMAZING weather here in Colorado. So we sat outside and they have a great view of Castle rock and the Mountains! It was Beautiful! Then we went on a lovely drive and Stopped to watch the sunset and eat some Tiramisu!

BirchBox, Ipsy, and Workout Goodies!!
So my March BirchBox Had a couple goodies That I was excited about. So far I've only used the Vasanti BrightenUp! It's a Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. Basically it's a Exfoliating cleanser.  I love it! So far so Good! I've only used it once lol But I love how it made my skin feel.
My March Ipsy Which is ALWAYS my favorite thing to get!  I got a cute bag with all these GOODIES!!  
Love My Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer. It Gives a nice Glow to my skin like a great natural highlight! 
Love My NYX Eyeshadow trip pallet in Barefoot in the sand! It gives a great Natural look! 
Love the Chella eyeliner pen in Indigo blue. It glides like a sharpie lol (total chola thing to say haha)
I Like the Moxie bare minerals lipstick in get ready. it's not really my shade But I do like it.
 Our great new Yoga toys! We got a new mat for Star, A yoga balance block, OMG a foam roller.. HEAVEN! and some hand therapy balls. We WILL do DDP Yoga!! lol once we get into the grove of it and put it into our routine!
 We had a great time!!  She got to see snow! We went to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel at the Alamo Draft House. It was weird but So funny. Way to go Wes Anderson.  Took my mom to See's Candies she loved it so much she asked me to buy her candies for the kids for Easter. AAAnd we got Starbucks of course! :)  
My Mommy also bought me a GREAT tote bag that I use now ALL THE TIME!! :)

 My amazing gf took my mom and I to the Museum of Nature and Science. My mom Loved it! Star taught her a lot about a lot! She loved it! And I loved seeing them Hanging out and Smiling and Laughing together. It made my heart feel so Happy!

We also went to Black Hawk and Gambled for what felt like DAYS lol it was so much fun! 

March was such a great month and I absolutely Loved that my mom came to visit! It meant the world to me!  I Love how her and Star get along and how much they laugh together! Can't wait for more adventures with my amazing family! 

Enjoy your day, hug and kiss your loved ones and until next time Muchos besos Amores!

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