Saturday, December 14, 2013


My favorite time of the year!!!!

Our sweet poo's is such a lady! 
She loves to help me with my projects lol
 I have been Crafting like CRAZY!
 These were special for customers who Ordered gifts from my Maguada Gear page! 
Come check it out and see all my Projects and happy clients! 

Snow Snow Snow!! 
 The Tardis sure hates the snow! 
But our tree looks BEAUTIFUL with falling snow around it!

I swear I can not get enough of the snow it is so beautiful! I am not very keen on driving in it or shoveling snow off my car BUT it is damn pretty and makes hot chocolate consumption in our house VERY high :)  Even the houses in our neighborhood are decorating. Some go ALL OUT! some time this month before Christmas of course we are going to grab a couple hot chocolates (see told ya!) and drive around and see all the beautifully decorated houses! I'm excited!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

and by someone I do mean ME! :) (...and Star)
My best hoodrat Vanessa sent me some love in a box! Tumblers for our hot chocolates! A Christmas tree cookie cutter that we just HAD to use! A mitten with a sweet little snowman on it! And some YO-YO's!!  Oh man when you haven't played with a yo-yo in a while it is tough but it comes easy after a while!! :) it's fun too!!  It reminds me of when I was young and watched my brother with his Light up yo-yo! :)

 My princess LOVES her fireplace! her and her Big Momma are always sitting near the fire keeping warm. it's too cute!
COOKIE TIME!!!!!!!!!!

 we all had flour on our faces! we were baking as a family! :)
Our amazing Finished products! I loved sitting at the table and Baking and decorating Christmas cookies with my love! it was fun and I am sure it is a start to a new tradition! We are going to box some up and send them to her friends and some to her Mom! <3
get in the spirit you dont need to go buy a box of cookies to make if you have flour look on the package thats what we did and we just added a Tbs of Cinnomon to our mix and OMG you wont regret it!   
We sure don't lol
Happy December lovies may you be in the holiday cheer!! 

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